Your Gateway to Modern Institutional Pharmacy Services
welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa
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welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa
welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa
welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa

Your Gateway to Modern Pharmacy Services

Proper medication management is an evolving process that must involve nurses, physicians, and pharmacists:
  • Prescribing
  • Reviewing
  • Administering medications to patients
  • Documentation
Key benefits of dealing with Medical Arts Dispensary:
  • Promote the 6-Rights of medication administration
  • Accurate prescription fulfillment
  • Safe and efficient multi-dose packaging
  • Barcoding technology
  • Automated MARs and Profiles
  • Automated physician order entry
  • Reduced risk of harmful drug interactions
Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa has built its reputation for customer services since 1929. In 1990, we were the first to introduce a multi-dose packaging unit in Canada. To further provide value added services to our customers we developed an in-house software to allow us to generate customizable MARs with input from nursing staff at the various facilities serviced by the pharmacy.

It is after continuous and considerable in-house research and development, combined with a product offering that is at the leading edge of technology, that Medical Arts Dispensary has attained its present status as a leader in the long-term and congregated housing care arenas in Ottawa.

With its continued drive towards technological development, as well as a commitment and focus on customer service, satisfaction, and retention, Medical Arts Dispensary aims to reach new heights of distinction in the long-term and congregated home pharmacy services industry.

Our Services today continue to evolve:

  • Multi-lingual services (English, French, Chinese, Indo, Italian, Russian, Sinhalese, Tamil, Ukrainian, and Urdu)
  • Regular deliveries and ad-hoc emergency deliveries
  • 24-hour on call pharmacist
  • Full retail pharmacy services (prescription and non-prescription)
  • Readi-MedsTM multi-dose packets, single and multi-dose blister card systems
  • Barcoding capability
  • Carded dosage medication systems for narcotics
  • Fully customizable MAR and medication profile reports:
    • Regular MAR
    • Treatment MAR
    • Injection MAR
    • Separate prn/unscheduled MAR
    • Shift-specific MAR
    • Problem medications can be separated from regular MAR
    • Standardized medication review reports
  • In-services available on any pharmacy related topic
  • Fully customizable Pharmacy Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Flexible account management
  • Drug/MAR audit service on a regular or as needed basis
  • Emergency medication stock system

    Safe Medication Administration

    Let us help you reduce errors, save time, improve care for your residents, and increase the overall performance of your facility.

    Studies and sources report that:

    • Multidose packaging can save 15-50% of med pass times
    • Medication errors can be reduced to less than 1% compared to 8% in blister cards
    • Automated documentation can improve time savings by an additional 10% (results can vary depending on current practices and procedures)
    We will help you promote sound medication administration practices through:

    Right Resident

    • Photo ID, barcode scanning, documentation verification
    Right Drug
    • Electronic order entry by physician, automatically updated MARs and profiles
    • Multi-dose packaging system, pharmacy four point check
    Right Dose
    • Readi-medsTM are labeled according to date/time, dose, strength and quantity
    Right Time
    • Built in administration flags to inform you of late/missed doses
    Right Method
    • State of the art pharmacy labeling on all medications
    Right Documentation
    • Real-time updates to MARs and profiles through secure wireless communication
  • welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa
    welcome to Medical Arts Dispensary of Ottawa